Thursday, August 20, 2009

Engine mount tower fab'ed

On Sunday, Hal was able to make some progress on the custom bracket for holding the stock mount to the bus frame. A few weeks back, he fabricated a bar to go across the rear of the engine bay (See Mount Re-started). Upon that bar, a "tower" of some kind was needed to meet the stock engine mount. Now, we spent some time thinking about going another route with engine side-brackets, but we return to the original plan.

The tower is a pretty simple looking box that will bolt to the bar and then bolt to the mount. Some kind of cross-bar will probably appear to help control any torquing, but the general appearance can be seen in the photos. The top of the tower needed to be slightly cut-out to accommodate a dip in the mount. That may be visible in the close-up.

That's all for today. Early this week was spent visiting with or helping friends, and this weekend I'll be out of town, so there won't be any headway until Sunday afternoon at the earliest. Even then, I have a bedroom to paint and a pile of wood trim I need to stain, seal, sand and clear-coat, so next week doesn't look too good either. It can't be all fun & games I guess :)

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