Monday, August 31, 2009

Gravity and Friction

Well... it gets to about this time of the Summer when you realize all your Summer projects aren't finished yet. Some, not even started. I look back on the Summer and realize I cut down almost a dozen trees, cleaned and moved my shed, cleaned and re-organized my garage ( a couple of times), fixed some rotting door trim, and that's just the "outside" stuff. Indoors, we demo'd and redecorated my older son's room. It had this nasty wainscoating and plain yellow paint. Now, it's two-color (blue/gray), no wainscoating and we have a huge pile of Ikea furniture to assemble. Then there's the yards of stain-grade baseboard that we finally got done for the post-kitchen remodel / stairs / upstairs hallway.. and, of course, the remodeled bedroom. Like I posted when I first did the kitchen, you can't really complain because complaining sounds like disguised gloating about getting something done on your house. This is important because lots of that stuff happened in the last 2 weeks. So, very little got done on the bus.
I did finish the vacuum system... sorta. I finished the blockoff plate for the old vacuum pump... pretty much, and I determined that my hack together water flange resolution won't work. So, while struggling to get the engine back into position last night ( I wasn't diligent on the removal, and its not setting on the jack thing quite straight, so it's being a bear), I started thinking again about getting a post-production fuel tank. For reference, here are some measurements surrounding the fuel tank:

Bay window fuel Tank: 14"D x 10"H x 37"W
Bay window fuel Bay: 14"D x 11.5"H x 40"W

split-window fuel tank: 11"D x 9"H x 35" W (edit 2009-09-01)

If I can get a tank, with outlet/inlets plus a fuel level sender for less than the cost of a vacuum pump, then it makes more sense. This, of course, is before we think about the cost of a custom water flange, and the possible revenue from selling the old cleaned, painted and relined original tank. So far, there's a tank for $125 at CIP1, and a fuel sender from the web for about $80. That's close enough for more study.

West Marine offers "below deck" fuel tanks that appear promising, and at a reasonable cost. Model number 8978447 appears to be close at 10.19"D x 10.19"H x 32"L, but the sub-print says to give an extra 2.5" for the inlet. Now, looking closely at the picture, the inlet is a straight pipe pointing straight up. Perhaps, a 90* turn could fab on there and fit within the 11.5" lid. The vent also looks like it juts up a bit far (far end of the tank). Now, if I could only see one live in person....

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