Monday, May 12, 2008

.... and we're back

After a couple of frustrating weeks, I'm able to re-focus on Hapy. I had hoped to be further along on this project by now, but there are always other things that need to be done, so optional projects sit idle. These last couple of weeks have been a great example of that.

Yard of Mulch, Sky of Sleet
I haven't really gone into it, but about a month ago, we ordered and had delivered a dump-truck load of mulch onto our lawn. I spent 3 days in rain/sleet mix weather widening garden beds and spreading mulch. Wee! It looks great now, though. In fact, it looks good enough for the neighbors to come over and give me that "you sonofabitch" look because now their wives are saying they should get some mulch delivered. They remember the rain and sleet and want no part of it. I can't blame them. It does look nice, though.

Oh, Shed!
Then we had a you-assemble shed delivered. We had talked about getting one of those since we moved into a house with a single car garage, so this, too, was a good idea. The timing was a little irritating, but when CostCo slaps a $300 markdown on something you'd been putting off for 5 years, you take it as a sign that you shouldn't wait any longer. I finished the shed on Mother's Day. Its actually nicer than the garage, albeit smaller. Assembling that thing, though, took waaaay longer than I thought. For example, I spent 2 days putting a cedar shake roof on it so it would match the house. Oy vey. I spent most of the afternoon on Mother's Day rehanging the doors so they work perfectly. Of course, now that It's done, I'm thinking of ways to run electrical. Typical. Can't just leave it alone. Of course, that's the attitude that got this whole TDI-sporter thing started.

Garden of Eatin
Last, we put a vegetable garden in for the first time in 10 years. The last time we had vegetables, it was the Summer before our first was born. It will be nice to have fresh veggies this Summer, and working the garden with the boys will be a great experience. Considering the cost of food, this ultimately makes very good sense. The money we save on tomatoes can buy a electronic gadget I haven't yet realized I need :D After letting a couple of days pass, it seems that our list of big projects has been completed. (I know. I'm shocked too) There are lots of little things, but nothing pressing for the next few months, so I can really focus on the bus.

Back to business
There are so many loose threads on this project, its hard to decide where to begin again. The top 2 priorities are completing the engine preparation and getting the radiator in. I plan to focus on those first. Meanwhile, I'll be selling off the rest of the old engine, an extra transaxle and whatever other bits I stumble across so the garage can maybe be usable again. I don't think I'll make my original target date with this project, but I need to remember that the journey is the goal. The completion of the engine install is just a transitional point in that journey.