Tuesday, February 10, 2009

holding pattern...

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, mostly because nothing new nor interesting has happened with Hapy. I bought some new drill bits that really helped. I also got some metal bolt/nuts to get the radiator cowling finished, but I haven't had much time lately. First, there's the heavy work load on this contract I'm working. I put in over 50 hours last week, so, with the travel time, I spent most of my waking time either working or driving. Then, there's all the other stuff that one has to do as part of having a house and kids, too. I should be grateful I'm not looking for work and we have a house, so I'm going to stop the pity party right there.

I was able to determine that the "saggy bottom" my wife's Mercedes wagon has long suffered was purely from low hydraulic fluid. I guess that just goes to show that when someone says "your suspension fluid is low" they may not be trying to pull a fast one. Anyway, I have some MB certified juice on order, and that will resolve the issue. If someone does tell you your suspension fluid is low, though, you may want to ask someone else to look at it. :)

Last, we're taking our first family vacation in almost 2 years. We're going to Disney. Like most people, we can't really afford it, and we bought the trip when we thought the economy was better. Regardless, we have non-refundable tickets and we need to get away, so we're going. I'll post about that next time. Hopefully, the post after that will have some headway on the radiator cowling to report. Obviously, my goal of having the water system resolved by my birthday is not going to be reached. Oh well. More another time,