Tuesday, March 20, 2007

new engine options: BusDepot

Another multi-part posting. This time its about helping me make a decision on Hapy's stock 1700 engine. The choices are below, and this post is just about the BusDepot/AVP engine. I'll have one post for each choice, so they don't get too long. Hopefully, I'll get some good feedback and be able to make a good choice.

1) keep the limper
2) a Raby Camper Special
3) the TDI engine I have on my garage floor
4) a BusDepot special
5) some used engine off of craigslist
6) build one from parts collected off the 'net, parts stores, etc

4) a BusDepot special
$1925 ($300 of that is a core deposit you get back if I send the old engine to them) delivers a new 2L engine, including new heads (with improved valve seats) that would fit my existing set up. If the Raby Camper Special is the Cadillac, then this is the Ford Taurus - pretty reliable, not too flashy, not too powerful. At 68HP, its pretty much the same engine I have right now, only newer, with some better machining on the heads. On the upside, we'd know the history of the engine, and know that the parts were supposed to go together. Its already assembled, so I'd just have to pull my old engine, switch the accessories, and stuff it into the bus. That sounds easy, and it pretty much is. Figure a day's work for most, 2 or 3 days for me cuz I'm slow and careful and I usually add things to the list whenever I do something big. Wee...

MPG would still be in the 18 range, like the limper. I think hill power would be better than the limper because I think the limper is one tired engine. (and some folks said I couldn't put the word "limper" in a single sentence 3 times. Bah!) This represents just about the least amount of work, but the engine probably wouldn't last nearly as long as the Raby. Raby engines last pretty much forever (so the owners say, you'd never get him to say that), whereas the BusDepot (AVP, really) ones will last 40k miles. It's aircooled, and all that. Like the Taurus, there isn't really a whole lot good or bad to say about it.

Choice summary ranking as compared to other choices (1st, 2nd, etc):
cost (1-6): 4th
work (1-6): 2nd
power (1-6): 3rd
mpg (1-6): 3rd
reliable (1-6): 2nd


Anonymous said...

Did you ever get a rebuilt engine? If so, from where? How's it working out for you? I just bought a '78 Westy for my 16 year old son and need to put a rebuild in it and would like to try the AVP engine? Any suggestions?

PdxPaulie said...

No, I've never run an AVP engine. I've heard bad stories about those and would personally avoid them. You get what you pay for... if you're lucky. buyer beware and all that. If you want a drop-ship engine, go with the Bus Depot or Boston Bob engines (or raby if you have the cabbage), IMHO.