Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Setting and Re-setting Expectations

I've been maintaining this blog for years, and setting expectations for longer.  When it comes to the bus, it seems I am especially good at setting my goals too high.  For example, in November (Steering a Shed) I posted that I would take the bus out of operation until I "put in (door) cards and rebuild the 2 (jealousie) windows".  After 2 months, I have one window done and no cards.  Of course, I did get the deep cycle battery installed, painted a little bit and patched 2 holes.  Still, I could do better with setting targets.  So, that's my NewYear resolution: set reasonable goals with the bus.  Today, I'll give it a whirl.

Winter Goals (by Spring Equinox)
(X) - rebuild broken jealousie window in the slider door
(X) - patch the hole in the belly pan from the 1972 sink, tank drain and ice box
(X) - patch the hole in the belly pan from the 1979 sink and water tank drain
(X) - solve for accessory power
(X) - drive bus to work a few times to prove its road worthiness EDIT: drove 1/14-1/17
(O) - drive bus to SkiBowl one time to visit the snow EDIT: missed goal

Spring Goals (by Summer Solstice)

(X) - replace plastic film in front doors EDIT: done. see Film at Eleven
(X) - get door cards and put them in EDIT: done. see Hanging Cards
(-) - install the car stereo that's been sitting on the shelf for 3+ years EDIT: stereo needs lockout code. dropped goal
(X) - drive bus to one kid sports event EDIT: done. went to final tournament on 5/31

Summer Goals (by Fall Equinox)

(X) - remove most of the dings from the front bumper EDIT: done. see Front Bumper (part 1)
( ) - remove most of the dings from the rear bumper and modesty skirt
(X) - paint front bumper EDIT: done. see Front Bumper (part 4)
( ) - paint rear bumper
(X) - take bus camping near a mountain EDIT: done. see Black Sheep Family Reunion
(X) - take bus camping near water EDIT: done. see So Starts Camping Season 2014

That's enough for now.  There's no punishment for doing more, right?  Now that the weather has shifted from dry-veryCold to wet-cold, I should be able to drive the bus to work one of these days.  Ahh....

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Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know that someone (me) is attentively following your blog...I've been steeped in work on my '75 tin-top Westy since last April, and just got it back on the road after installing a Raby Camper Special, Rancho-rebuilt pyramid tranny and performing a bunch of other work. Your most valuable write-up to me, though, is the process you followed for installing the Riviera top (back in 2011...any regrets or observations so far?). In order for the Westy to be a good long-distance traveler and camper for me and my family we too are hoping to install a Rivi top. I found just such a top last fall, and cut the entire roof (top and steel roof) from the donor vehicle. This way we have the template for cutting the hole in my tin-top's roof . The goal is to do this as precisely and gently as possible, and remove the section in a single piece so it can possibly be welded back in at a later date. Anyway, I'd love to hear any thoughts you may have about these plans. Luckily the tent on my Rivi top is in shockingly good shape, so no need to replace that.
Anyway, thanks for your blogging efforts, they are very much appreciated!
- Doug

PdxPaulie said...

Regrets? No, none at all. It pops up and down easily, latches down without trouble and genuinely fits 2 teenagers. I also like the luggage rack over the front, distributing some of that weight from the back.
From when I took the donor top, the hole looked relatively straight. Much more straight than my westy hole, which (as you prolly know) was a sunroof opening. If it were me, I'd just make sure to use all of the supplied wood bits to reinforce the cuts in the steel and remove all sharp edges so the wrap-around material isn't compromised. Great project, Doug. I'd love to see a pictorial when you're done! Good luck, man!